Hello Kitty HARUKA


Welcome to Kansai!

The Kansai-Airport Express Hello Kitty HARUKA

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Welcome to Kansai!


Gracious hospitality to visitors from around the world, compliments of Hello Kitty and HARUKA.

Welcome to the Kansai region of Japan.
In the interest of filling the journeys of visitors to Japan from throughout the world with even greater variety and joys, we proudly offer stellar levels of omotenashi hospitality from Hello Kitty and “HARUKA” – Kitty’s own super-express train.
Savor the “Japanese-Modern” worldview of Hello Kitty, on a railway jaunt routed from Kansai International Airport, shining gateway of Kansai, to the nation’s ancient capital of Kyoto.
So, if you’re ready for adventure, book a delightful new travel experience on the “Hello Kitty HARUKA.”


The keynote theme of this journey is “Japanese hospitality.”

Developed for the design is the vivid sense of new “Japanese modern,” showcasing this cute and chic Hello Kitty within a motif of wild animals and plants with a distinctively ancient touch. The result is sublime fusion with time-honored Japanese tradition, deeply extolled and revered for its spawning breathtaking beauty over the centuries.

With the same guiding concept in place, we’ve assembled three new different
“Hello Kitty Haruka” design brainstorms.

  • DESIGN 1

  • DESIGN 2

  • DESIGN 3


Kansai-Airport Express “HARUKA”

This convenient and comfortable super-express train directly links Kansai International Airport to Kyoto, Shin-Osaka, Tennoji. Access-wise, the airport lies approximately 35 minutes from Tennoji, 50 minutes from Shin-Osaka and 80 minutes from Kyoto. The conventional “HARUKA” train makes 60 trips (30 roundtrip runs) daily.

* Regular ticket and express ticket must be purchased
and displayed to ride this train.


“Hello Kitty HARUKA” Operation Information

The Hello Kitty HARUKA is operated as a regularly scheduled train within the normal HARUKA special express network. At present, only certain trains of this railroad line are run as “Hello Kitty HARUKA” selections.Schedules vary by day, and there are also dates on which the Hello Kitty HARUKA isn’t operated at all.

Operation Information updates ended on June 23, 2019. We apologize for any inconvenience.

* For your information, approximately one half of all “HARUKA” trains are currently operated as “Hello Kitty HARUKA” versions.

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Waiting for you in Kansai!